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Clearance Tiebacks

Disc Speedy Bella Tie Back Liquorice

 18.72  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Clearance Tiebacks

Products in this Clearance Category show our original price, the discounted price will show when the product is added to the cart and will also show in the checkout.

Why is this product in Clearance Category?

1. Item may be discontuned.
2. Item has been returned - therefore packaging may of been opened, but product has been checked before sending back out.
3. Damaged packaging - the packaging may be damaged but product is not damaged.
4. Product has minor defects - product may have small scratches or other small defect.
5. Product may have some parts missing.
6. Product may be a combination of the above.

Products ordered from Clearance Category are not returnable/refundable